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I am Wan Ting

The one thing you need if you want to grow your business through digital marketing. I like to introduce myself as a child of God & founder of Weave Asia. I accepted Christ in 2014 and got baptised in 2019 and I am currently attending The Crossing Church in lavender.

I am a weird mix of a domesticated stay home cat and an adventure junkie. Some days I enjoy staying at home in bed reading and some days I enjoy outdoor activities. I dive , trek and enjoy traveling solo.

My interest for reading started in recent years and I’m usually reading when I’m free to improve myself and to get a bigger view of the world through lens of other writers.

I enjoy diving and am super passionate about wreck dives. The joke is I’m not a huge fan of fishes swimming close to me but I enjoy swimming through abandoned ship/ plane wrecks. It’s also a place where I get clear thoughts and undistracted time.

I enjoy traveling solo as I’m pretty impulsive as a traveler and not many people can appreciate my travelling style. I usually travel without concrete plans and I enjoy planning what to do when I have arrived in my destination. I enjoy local activities when I’m in a foreign destination. I enjoy morning runs around the city , finding a cafe or local hideout to read or to chill , exploring local bars to see how locals spend time. I’m always taking the slower pace of travelling in hopes to experience living in the city I’m traveling in.

I’m passionate about a few other things in life. One of them is spreading the gospel about how amazing God is ❤️ and how God shaped me to be who I am today. Having survived depression when I was 24 years old , I’m passionate about giving support to people around me undergoing phases of life where they can’t seem to find their reason for living .

I’m interested in doing small steps to protect and to look after our environment, founded weaving hearts and co founded Green Nudge with Li Seng.

On the side I also distribute beauty products, beauty devices and health supplements.

I’m interested in meeting like-minded entrepreneurs experiencing the difficulties in startup life and helping each other through it ❤️ I’m interested to be giving emotional and time support to anyone going through tough periods of life and needing a listening ear. I’m interested in sharing with you how God is so amazing and how it changed my life and mindset.

Feel free to contact me if you are keen to share about your life and just have a cup of coffee. wanting@weave.asia

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"Wan Ting is incredibily creative with an eye for color & beautiful design. She is professional, detailed oriented, has great communication skills, result driven with absolute impeccable service."

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