EBook- 10 Digital Skills you need to build your side hustle online!



Always wanted to start your own business online but don’t know how to? This fundamental online course will be covering topics from Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management all the way to Website Creation & Google Analytics.

You’ll be walking away with this Ebook equipped with 10 digital skills to supercharge your business & to empower you to start your side hustle online now!

By: Tan Wan Ting, Founder of Weave Asia Pte Ltd ( Design & Digital Marketing Agency) & Co-founder of Flourish Asia with 10 Years Digital Marketing Experience.

Weave Asia Pte Ltd: Digital Marketing Agency in Asia

Weave Asia has proven to be a fast-growing company consisting of a team of talents in specific fields.  Weave Asia has blossomed to expand its offices in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong. Whatever your digital marketing needs, Weave Asia has it woven for you.

We specialise in crafting a digital strategy for your business and we specialise in Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation


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